Ballet Barre Workouts

I envisioned classes that would be a mixture of various movements that I feel passionate about, wishing that workout time goes beyond the physical aspect of training.

Join me for an inspiring hour where you train your body, relax your mind and elevate your energy! I created classes which focus on different aspects of individual well-being and health. In my 18 years of dancing, training and educating myself as coach and body worker I gained a lot of knowledge about excersising the body in a healthy way. Since I was a young girl, I loved to do a lot of different things. That‘s why I use in my classes the most powerful exercises from different fields such as ballet, pilates, body awareness, coaching, spirituality, fitness and mental area. My goal is to mix my favorite elements into a more holistic approach to workout and movement.

Ballet Barre Shaping

A mixture of pilates and ballet movements aim to train your body in a fun and playful way. This exercises will help you to gain strong, toned and long muscles in the whole body especially in your abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks and inner thighs. You will improve your body posture, take care of healthy spine, improve awareness of your body and increase mental concentration and capability in your life. It‘s a great opportunity to try out ballet movements if you never had a chance to.

This great movement class (basic & advanced) will make you feel joyful, light and ready to move through out your day confidently and comfortable in your body.

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Ballet Barre Flexibility

Stretching is essential for our body, mind and health, more than we are aware of. A buildup of stress and sitting a lot causes your muscles to contract which results in feeling uneasy and tensed. Relaxing our muscles and letting go of tension will help you reduce stressed and tensed mind as well and that will improve the more positive outlook on life. Besides, you will notice an improvement in flexibility, mobility and body posture. Increased blood flow will make you feel more warm, awake and calm.

The combination of stretching and body activation let’s you leave the class feeling energized, stretched and lighter of anything making you stuck and stiff.

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