Body Life Coaching

Every challenge is a chance to become more of who we are. Still it can be challenging sometimes to be alone with this. So I am here to support you.

My sessions are for you if you would like to gain strength and create any emotional, intellectual, physical or social improvement in your life. If you need support with moving through any personal challenge or change. If you would like to let go off tension in the body, beliefs that don’t support you, habits or emotions you suffer from in order to make space for more flow in your life and at the same time feel healthy, sexy and confident contact me. I would love to hear from you!

„The body is a source of wisdom. When my body feels well, then I am well and everything in my life flows that is in alignment with myself.“
Body Life Coaching with Lejla Pantic
 „For every mental problem or knot, there is a corresponding bodily knot and vice versa.“

Body Mind Connection

I guide mostly women in the age between 25-45 years to be more of themselves, strengthening their unique qualities and talents to move through any challenge or change in their life with increasing their body and mind well-being. Usually, women come to me with the huge desire to be more successful in different areas of life. I always aim to define success individually and to experience a life challenge through less effort and pressure. Instead, we focus on personal strength, confidence, clarity and ease. In my work, I use body awareness, touch, communication, empathy, breathing techniques, reflexology and mindfulness as a tool for personal development and to create profound changes in the body and life. Through this powerful combination, I support women to come in touch with their inner wisdom and own body.

Every time I touch my clients physically, I touch as well their past, their struggles, their wishes, their emotions, their strength, and potential. You can imagine body as a sponge. It absorbs everything that your mind says. All emotions you feel, everything you went through in your life, is lodged in the body as body memories. Through body touch, your physical tension gets released which empowers mindfulness with emotional stability.

In a first Trial Session I offer to take more time discussing your needs and goals while working with your body. After that you can either pay per session or save money with small package deals that I offer you.

Let‘s get

Contact me for a first trial session appointment. Don‘t hesitate to ask any questions you still might have.



    1,5 hours

    In the first Trial Session I offer to take more time (90 minutes) discussing your needs and goals while as well working with your body. In the end, we decide if we continue the process together and how many sessions you might need.



    1 hour per session



    save 10€ per session



    save 14€ per session

    My coaching sessions are no substitute for a professional psychological therapy nor medical healing.