Success Stories

Read about the experiences of some of my clients.
I am grateful they have shared their stories with us.

„In my everyday life I can feel more confidence and calmness. I succeeded to let „work at work” and I feel more joy in life.”

Elise (30)

Lelja is a compassionate and precious person. She has the gift to listen to people. In the sessions, we work on what is “on the agenda, ” and she adapts the treatment to my needs. The sessions are a mixture of conversation, touch, energy flows and resting. They are a special time for me, where I take care of myself, and regain energy and awareness of my body and soul.
In my everyday life, I can feel more confidence and more calmness. I succeed more to let “work at work.” I feel that since we started to work together my stomach is less cramping and I feel more joy in life.

I came to Lejla because I wanted to open up myself more, stand up for myself and live my authentic self. Through the work with Lejla, I noticed that I became more aware of the parts in my life, where I still made myself small or felt like that. I learned to get aware of these limitations and to find a way to stand up for me in challenging situations. That gives me more self-confidence.
I love the most, how hearty and conscious Lejla is! She always finds a way to lift me up and to let me see my strength. Furthermore, I love how she works with the body and feels what I need the most at the moment. I would recommend her work to everybody who wants to make a significant step in his own self-knowledge and self-awareness. Lejla is a wonderful person, and I am grateful that I got to know her. It’s a pleasure to work with her.

„I am grateful to got awareness where I make myself small in parts of my life and found a way to stand up for me in challenging situations. That gives me more self-confidence.”

Irene (28), Economist and Yoga Teacher

„I didn’t want to go back to where I came from, yet didn’t see where to go next. You made me feel more confident and more open towards life and the challenges and gifts it offers to me.

Klaudia (39) Project Manager

I was curious about a body-oriented approach rather than the traditional coaching that brings people even more into the head and never-ending thinking with all the questions they ask you.
When I came to you, I felt disoriented and stuck in life. It was incredible and super exciting for me to experience how you can overcome mental blockages by working with the body. I enjoyed every session with you, and even though it was a new and partly scary experience for me to feel my body’s reactions to our breath work and the minor touches from you, you always understood to create a space in which it felt safe for me to experience this and to learn to let go. After each session, I felt more confident in life and at home in my body.
A lot of positive and amazing things have happened during the year. It took some major steps even though they were linked to major fears and uncertainties. I’m sure it was not only the method itself and the surprising effects of it that kept me coming back to you regularly for more than a year. It was above all your warm-hearted, lively and empathetic personality. You’re a very good listener and have the gift to ask the right questions at the right time. From session one I trusted you fully and enjoyed and looked forward to each and every session with you. I’m feeling grateful to have found you at that moment in my life. It was perfect timing. Thank you! 🙂

Lejla ist eine sehr einfühlsame und offene Person, bei der ich mich sehr wohl gefühlt habe. Ich weiß nicht wie sie es geschafft hat, aber sie hat ein Händchen dafür herauszufinden, in welchen persönlichen Bereichen es gerade (noch) nicht ganz rund läuft. Durch ihre Behandlung werden emotionale mit körperlichen Aspekten in Zusammenhang gebracht und man lernt sich, seinen Körper und sein Verhalten besser kennen. Ich danke ihr vom Herzen für ihre Zeit und wünsche ihr für die Zukunft alles Gute!

„Ich konnte den Zusammenhang von emotionalen und körperlichen Aspekten erkennen und im Alltag nutzen”

Maria (30), Doktorin der Pharmazie
„Self-acceptance is probably the number one thing I learned.”

Samantha (28), Social worker, Chello Teacher & Communication and Marketing employee

What I enjoyed the most about the work with Lejla is the combination of learning new behavioral techniques with self-compassion. Part of the reason I started the program was to help me through high expectations I set for myself. What we did to address this was built coping mechanisms that I can use when I get into situations where negative and self-doubting thoughts appear. However, Lejla made me feel comfortable with the fact that sometimes these situations will happen and I can just “be.” This means that sometimes I don’t have to beat myself up for feeling „depressed” or antisocial—it’s an entirely natural thing that everyone goes through.!
After each session, I felt clear headed and much more in touch with my body and physical movements. Over time, I have been able to apply the mindfulness we practiced in each session to real life situations, which made these situations much more enjoyable since I wasn’t stuck “in my head” the entire time. Overall, my social anxiety diminished, my self-acceptance increased, and I feel much more in sync with my body. Through working with Lejla, I’ve learned so much about the connections between my body and my mind, and I can’t wait to continue to work together!

When I decided to take a session, I felt somewhat stuck in life and uncomfortable in my body. I liked it from the beginning but after maybe the 3rd session progress was so evident that I was really impressed. Things started to move in my body and my life, and now I can feel I am back to my flow which holds a whole new set of qualities and energy. Patterns of mine that found its expression in my body became clear to me. I am convinced that the sessions with Lejla facilitated it for me so that I could go and act on what I had to do.
Lejla is such a sweet person, and her knowledge and skill are very profound. I was impressed how she could see the slightest muscle movements, like if my eyes felt tense. Working with the body is very natural for Lejla. This way I could feel comfortable and well protected at all times during these rather intimate sessions. Thank you so much Lejla.

„I have to say my expectations were surpassed having sessions with Lejla”

Jessica (35), Coach
„ I felt more clarity.”

Regina (40), Veterinarian

I felt more clarity about the issue I came to work on very soon. Lejla is a wonderful, empathic and reliable person who makes it very easy to feel comfortable with. Her gentle and intelligent approach, as well as her broad knowledge of the human body and her skills itself,  help me gain deeper insight about me and my situation after each session. Dear Lejla, thank you so much!

I highly recommend having a bodywork session with Lejla an amazing body work practitioner all around. She is gentle and intuitive. She shines and sparkles with beauty, love and deep care. I felt safe and supported during my session with her, and she helped me release a lot of tension in my body. She is very professional, and at the same time, she emanates such a pure warmth that makes you feel so supported during the session to relax and come more fully into your body completely. Lejla is someone who I would like to continue to have sessions with, and you will not regret investing in a bodywork session with her. She’s amazing!

„She shines and sparkles with beauty, love and deep care.”

Nicole (29) Transformational Life Coach