Become strong and flexible with Ballet inspired Online-Training, that moves you into selfcare & confidence. Signatured with gentleness, elegance and delicacy.lejla podpis


Ballet Barre Flexibility

Fight the feeling of unease caused by daily stress and sitting.

Get flexible
Ballet Barre Kit

Ballet Barre KIT

Don’t skip training plus your travel bag won’t get heavier.

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Ballet Barre Flexibility

30 DAY Stretching Challenge

A new level of flexibility that boosts your futureself.

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No pre experiences, No special equipment necessary

This is how my clients feel working with me:

I like that the classs are challenging but so different compared to the gym.

To be very honest Lejla, your classes did not only change my posture physically but also mentally.

Your classes are a very important part of my wellbeing. My health has improved since doing your classes.

You brought the beauty and elegance of the Ballet into my life and body.

I feel great after the class. I like that it is as well gentle and I have the feeling I did something after it but I am not destroyed!

It´s a great way to stay in shape so I feel healthy and confident.

Lejla has a talent to lead a class with fun & love. In the same moment she is so focused and precise that she reminds you of the details. She keeps me motivated and transports a warm, lovely, professional attitude in which you just can't resist to enjoy this amazing concept she created.

Working out with Lejla it's like having a private fitness and dance coach that is also your friend. I feel more confident about my posture and body strength.

Lovely teacher, lovely workout, a nice mix of elegance, flexibility and mindfulness.

This class is wonderful! A perfect amount of working your muscles and stretching.

Discover Ballet Barre Flexibility

Ballet Barre Flexibility

It’s 60min glowing without exhaustion. A workout to:

✓ reduce tension and
✓ improve flexibility,
✓ mobility, and
✓ posture.

The best of it is the added dollop of elegance and self-care.

Ballet Barre Flexibility is NOW AVAILABLE in premium quality. Fight the feeling of unease caused by daily stress and sitting.



Ballet Barre Kit


Ballet Barre KIT. A series of 5 premium-quality ballet barre videos. Designed to bring ballet, joy, and elegance to your workout routine, wherever you are. Gain strength and flexibility with the formal professional ballerina, Lejla.

Ballet Barre KIT is available NOW. And your travel bag won’t get heavier.

Ballet Barre Flexibility

WARM your body 11min

Ballet Barre Flexibility

TONE your legs 9min

Ballet Barre FlexibilitySCULPT your bum 9min

Ballet Barre FlexibilityLIFT your arms 6min

Ballet Barre Flexibility



Discover elegance & confidence within your body.


It’s more than just stretching. It’s about getting in touch with self-care and love towards your body. Letting go of stuckness and stiffness. Most important, it’s about “ME” time, over 30days. Your future self will thank you.

30 days of STRETCHING CHALLENGE is NOW AVAILABLE. It’s time to raise the barre to your flexibility.

Ballet Barre Flexibility

Lejlaps Ballet Barre Workout is more than a lean & long body. It’s an embodiment of self love and self care.

Want to start with BALLET BARRE WORKOUT?

Get my 5 (free) videos to gain strength, flexibility,
elegance, and self-love. All within a week.

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What will I gain?

You’ll boost your

    • health
    • body-mind wellbeing (less tension and stress)
    • resilience & general capability
    • body posture
    • dance & sport level
    • strength & flexibility
    • confidence
    • elegance & grace
    • joy and love
What do I need as equipment?

A chair (table or any stable countertop works perfectly well instead of a barre). A towel, a pillow, a water bottle, and a mat.

Do I need any ballet pre experiences?

No. My programs are designed that everyone can do it. But you’ll get in touch with ballet steps.

Will I get my split?

You’ll definitely improve it. Keep in mind that the front split everyone can achieve. To get a full middle split depends on anatomic predispositions. But my programs are mainly designed to enjoy stretching itself with all the healthy benefits, not necessarily aiming solely for the splits.

I have an injury?

Stretching and moving can be a significant part of rehabilitation activity. You can adapt the exercises to your needs. I’m not a physician and can’t overtake any liability of injuries, so consulting a doctor is always a good idea.

For who it's not?

If you expect extreme stretching, meaning oversplits, that’s not the program for you. But hey, text me, and we can privately work on that. If you have a health issue, like a hip or knee replacement, I wouldn’t recommend this program because I can’t overtake the liability of any damage or injuries.

Payment policy?

I put all my passion and knowledge into this work, which I gained over 18 years of professional dancing and additional 3 years of education in somatic coaching. You get immediate lifetime access to all the material, and that’s why I don’t offer any money-back policy. Guaranteed, I’m 100% here for you and can help with anything you need! Email me at