Lift and tone your muscles, move with joy, and find your inner dancer

An 8-week program with a professional ballerina

Hi! I’m Lejla, a professional ballerina turned body + life coach.

I’ve been dancing my whole life throughout Europe: from the Europa Dance Company in France to a demi-soloist in the National Opera of Slovenia to prize-winner for outstanding achievements in ballet.

Later, my love of movement brought me to train in somatic healing and coaching. I have been teaching a popular Ballet Barre class in Berlin for the last 3 years, weaving in classical ballet movements with somatic healing, mindfulness, and life coaching.


I’ve spoken to so many women who have said

  • “I can’t find time to exercise”
  • “I can’t motivate myself to work out”
  • “Working out is boring”
  • “I’m so tired all of the time”
  • “I never have time to myself”
  • “I used to dance when I was young, I miss it”


I get it. We live such full lives with work, kids, family, community, it gets a lot harder to make time for yourself.


And even if you do have time, pushing yourself to do things like run on a treadmill or lift weights feels a lot harder than it used to.

Can’t we do movements that actually make us feel…


I can honestly say that Lejla’s Ballet Barre method is at its absolute best. Not only do you see real, tangible results, after a month down the line, I feel genuinely stronger and have a better posture. Classes are full of energy and she is brilliantly motivating. I am addicted!

So I decided to design a program that would allow people from all over the world to enjoy the beauty, joy, and body-toning benefits of ballet-inspired moments from their own home—in just 30 minutes



The Moving Beauty

An 8-week program designed to tone and
fill you with joy—from head to toe

The Program

Moving beauty takes the much-loved ballet-inspired movements from my in-person classes and carefully walks you through 8 consecutive weeks of training.

Here’s how it works:


Week 1: Find your inner dancer

Meet signature ballet steps as plié, relevé, battement tendu, and ballet arm positions. These are the basics for our training that we’ll weave into every class. We’ll also kick off this week by setting intentions and working on our mindset for our beautiful 8-week movement journey.

Week 2: Lengthen and ease tension

Let go of tension in the body & mind with ballet-centered stretching poses that will prepare your body and lay a solid foundation for the upcoming training weeks.


Week 3: Dancer’s legs

Use ballet moves to strengthen and sculpt your gorgeous legs with effective combinations for long, happy muscles.

Week 4: Strong core

Create a strong and stable core that protects your body and allows you to stand firm.


Week 5: Effortless posture

Strengthen your back muscles and walk around with an open, effortless posture. When we stand tall, we naturally embody good feelings and confidence.

Week 6: Sculpted dancer’s arms

Use beautiful dance moves to build toned and strong arms and shoulders.


Week 7: Lift your bottom

Lift your bum and stabilize the hips and pelvis.

Week 8: Total body toning and lengthening

Now we will put all of our training together for a total body experience! Feel the strength and transformation in your body & mind from 8 weeks—you did it!


Who is the Moving Beauty designed for?

If you ever:

✓ Feel overwhelmed because work and family are taking all of you
✓ Feel tired and exhausted
✓ Feel a lack of motivation
✓ Feel out of shape—and scared to start again
✓ A lack of confidence being in a live group class
✓ Wish you saw more progress in your workout routine
✓ Then Moving Beauty is designed for you.

The physical improvement in terms of strength and flexibility with my body is astounding. Great posture, a strong core and touch of elegance, who doesn’t want that?! All this with an added dollop of self love and appreciation on top.

I specifically designed this program for BUSY women who don’t have much time. Each weekly video is only 30 minutes long.

You deserve to take time to nourish yourself.
30 minutes is all you need.

Additionally, I want to be here for extra support. So along with the program, you get 1 private 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me.

Bonus: 1 Private 1-on-1 session with Lejla

Ballet Barre Kit

In the program we will work on whole-body lengthening and toning. But most of us have certain areas we want to improve more than others.


For example, perhaps:

  • You are still working on improving your pelvic floor after childbirth
  • You want to train away chronic back pain by improving your daily posture
  • You want more sculpted shoulders before summer time—and sleeveless top weather!


I want to make sure you have all the support you need. So once you sign up, you will have the opportunity to schedule 1 private session with me (after the 2nd week of the program) to get my coaching on your target area.

I’ll observe you and give you customized recommendations for your area of focus.

If you are ready to:

Move in a loving and joyful way

Experience that a powerful body create powerful manifestations

Treat yourself with kindness and appreciation

Gain a more fit and toned body

Improve your strength & flexibility

I invite you to join us in Moving Beauty.

When does the program start?

The program begins again in the fall of 2023. Sign in to the waitlist, and I’ll inform you with great pleasure when the spots will be available.

How does it work?

On Monday you’ll receive a recording with that week’s focus area’s videos. The videos are 30 minutes in total.  Along with it you’ll receive a plan to complete the workouts that week.


Then we’ll wrap up the week on Saturday with a LIVE 60 minute group class. This is a great opportunity to incorporate what you’ve learned, connect with the community, and work out with me live!

After the second week, you will have your scheduled private 1-on-1 sessions with me to go deeper on your personalized area of focus.

What do I need?

All you need is:

A mat

A chair

A Laptop

What if I can’t do them live?

All the classes are recorded! You can do them on your own time.

Do I get access to the recordings after the 8-week program ends?

3 weeks after the program finishes you can still access the recorded classes.

Ready to get started?

Limited spots available. Join the waitlist to know first about when you can join again.

Lejla has a talent to lead a class with fun & love. In the same moment she is so focused and precise that she reminds you of the details. She keeps me motivated and transports a warm, lovely, professional attitude in which you just can't resist enjoying this amazing concept she created.
Your classes are a very important part of my wellbeing. My health has improved since doing your classes.
Finally I'm gaining back flexibility, and my body gets defined again.
To be very honest Lejla, your classes did not only change my posture physically but also mentally.
I like that the classes are challenging but so different compared to the gym.
Working out with Lejla it's like having a private fitness and dance coach that is also your friend. I feel more confident about my posture and body strength.