Let me
my story
with you

I am Lejla Pantic Sindric, born and raised in Slovenia with Bosnian roots who is excited about the body, movement, life and all aspects of well-being. I am a body life coach working in Berlin. In this profession I have found my biggest passion in supporting people’s well-being, to encourage them to live up to their full potential and to help them become the best version of themselves.

Since a young age, I have been a dancer and movement junky. My mom had to drive me to all possible movement classes until I have found my place in ballet.

After finishing my ballet school, I have been dancing in France in Europa Dance Company. Later on, I continued to dance in the National Opera of Slovenia as a demi-soloist. I am the winner of the Slovene National competition and placed third at an international competition in Rome the same year. In 2008 I was honored with the Škerjanceva price for outstanding achievements in ballet.

Education and Training

Professional Ballet Dancer,

Graduated Ballet Pedagogue,

Pilates Instructor,

Certificated Pantarei approach


How I became a Body Life Coach

I finished my successful career in order to educate myself more about how can I use my body to treat myself with care, kindness, awareness, and love to enjoy myself, my body and feeling healthier and happier. I was interested in ways that I could explore my body to support myself, my mind and to expand as a person.

What inspires me to work with the body?

 „I experienced that self-love, acceptance, confidence, strength, awareness of yourself is stronger when it is not just an intellectual idea or thought, but instead an embodied feeling. I strongly believe that flow in the body creates flow in life.“

My Life Lessons & Enlightened Moments

My experience as a professional ballet dancer and watching a beloved person die young were probably my two biggest wake up moments that opened my eyes and brought a wish in me to explore more how I can support my self and my life living more free and respectful. That has led me to educate myself further in this direction. Now I work as body life coach with the wish to pass on tool and tips for supporting women’s well-being.

My Mother


I had such a great loving mom, and I am deeply grateful for that. She meant and still means so much to me I can hardly describe with the words. Sadly she passed away when she was 45, and I was 20 years old. Even she was such a fighter, loving life and never giving up she died from cancer. I remember watching her every day with a big wish to continue to live, trying to do as much as she could to feel better, to stay hopeful, her body was not listening to her, was shooting down and there was so much pain.  I know she didn’t have an easy life, she was very gentle and sensitive. She did everything that my brother and I would have the best life in the world. I think in all the wish and moving through life challenges with sacrifices she forgot to give more love and care as well to herself. I know I have that tendency too and in one moment of watching her leaving slowly, I realized: “Lejla nobody is responsible for you but you. Do you want to live your life and body respecting yourself, or ignoring it?”



Ballet was my everything. I loved it with every cell of my body and did everything to become the dancer I was. This included many years of training, sacrifices, performing, working with many teachers and choreographers and mostly enjoying the stage spotlight.

Hard work paid off, and I was just starting to get more and more visible solo and leading roles, the goal and big wish of most dancers. But something in me wasn‘t happy. It was quite a surreal situation. On the one hand living your „dream“ but something in myself was telling me it is not ok. From all the high tempo I was living since a small girl, forcing my body all the time over the limit, working in an environment which is competitive, responsible and not all the time very respectful and „healthy“ place I found myself physically and mentally exhausted. That led that I got injured and was having a half a year of break.

That was huge for me, to have so much time free! And it came at the right moment even no dancer is happy to have so much time off from dance. It was a time where I had to be brutally honest with myself and overthink why am I so unhappy and empty. I looked at my daily tempo, how my life looked like, my work environment, my private almost „not existing“ life, the way people and myself were treating me.

I noticed I really didn‘t know how to take a good care of myself, my mind, body and my overall well-being. To be honest, I also didn‘t have a good example of my colleagues to learn how to be a great dancer/worker but at the same time respect myself, my boundaries, my body, my health, my values and my worthiness.